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To prick the sides of my intent, but only Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself And falls on the other. His wife, who has been looking for him, follows not far behind him.

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Compare and contrast Macbeth, Macduff, and Banquo. His wife explains to the guests that her husband is unwell. Their conversation centers on the blackness of the night and on sleep: A heavy summons lies like lead upon me, And yet I would not sleep: The result was that a tract was printed, containing a full account of all the principal incidents; and the fact that this pamphlet was reprinted once, if not twice,30 in London, shows that interest in the affair spread south of the Border; and this is confirmed by the publisher's prefatorial apology, in which he states that the pamphlet was printed to prevent the public from being imposed upon by unauthorized and extravagant statements of what had taken place.

His comments show that he believes emotion and reflection are also important attributes of the true man. Macbeth commands the witches to explain their prophecies, but they vanish. In Act II, what is Macbeth questioning about the dagger he sees before him. When Macbeth sits down to eat, the bloodied ghost of Banquo appears to him, but to no one else.

This done, there did arise such a tempest in the sea as a greater hath not been seene, which tempest was the cause of the perishing of a vessell coming over from the town of Brunt Ilande to the town of Leith What is the purpose of the porter scene.

Stinginess is a theme in Dickens's A Christmas Carol. Signs of nobleness, like stars, shall shine On all deservers. Macbeth is the shortest of Shakespeare's tragedies. A messenger arrives to tell Lady Macbeth that King Duncan will visit her and Macbeth that very night.

He has not yet received news that the king has bestowed on him the title of the traitorous Cawdor. He now "bends up each corporal instrument to the terrible feat;" at other times his heart misgives him, and he is cowed and abashed by his success.

The gallery had a thatched roof. On the fourth occasion, the poor woman fell further into sin, and accompanied Thom to a fairy meeting.

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He is, however, leery. Take thy face hence. She answered that "if she should be riven at horsis taillis, she suld never do that, but promised to be leal and trew to him in ony thing she could do," whereat he was angry.

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What is his purpose in doing this?. Of course, there are many possible ways to address this question. The following answer includes only a few of the ways the names in Jane Eyre can be interpreted.

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London: Chatto and Windus. It is impossible to read "Macbeth" without noticing the prominence given to the belief that witches had the power of creating storms and other atmospheric disturbances, and that they delighted in so doing. Aug 28,  · Is it possible to argue that Macbeth is the play’s villain and Macduff or Banquo its hero, or is the matter more complicated than that?

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3. Discuss the role that blood plays in Macbeth, particularly immediately following Duncan’s murder and late in .

Possible essay questions macbeth
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