Essay on plastic bags should not be banned

However, merely banning plastic bags shall not help. It will not affect the products. China and Taiwan, for example, impose heavy fines on violators. They keep using these bags owing to the convenience they offer completely ignoring the fact that these bags have adverse effect on the environment and are a threat to life on earth.

No need to ban, add a tax Place a restraint where people will feel it most, their pocket. The waste-filled polyethylene bags are causing problems in the drains of cities and towns. This cause suffocation and starvation.

Why Should We Not Ban Plastic Bags

Managing plastic bags means knowing how to use and store them properly so that they can be reused many times, and knowing how they can be recycled when their useful life has come to an end.

Yes plastic bags can cause damage but why are people throwing plastic bags in forested areas and other wildlife habitats. Paper Paper can be reused. Many people will use them on their future shopping trips, or hand them into recycling centres, and many people use them as bin liners.

Indeed, as with anything that is designed for a purpose, both paper and plastic bags need to be managed to sustain their usefulness and prevent them from disrupting the balance in our ecosystems. They can be reused. Thin plastic can do many things that paper, which is recommended as a good substitute for plastic, cannot.

Disruption in the environment cycle Due to the deposit of plastic waste in the land, the circulation of rainwater gets hampered.

Should Plastic Bags Be Banned?

You have to credit SciDev. Plastic bags cause land, air as well as water pollution. Small Percentage of the Litter Problem According to the Reason Foundationplastic bags aren't as big of a litter problem as it seems.

Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned Essay

Plastic cannot even be disposed of by burning as on burning it produces poisonous gases that can cause serious diseases. The civic agencies should be making sure that plastic bags do not get to such places, those they gater from streets should be recycled or reused which is possible meaning we really need an improvement in infrastructure to solve the problem.

Sea turtles are especially known to have the entire plastic bag in one go mistaking it for jelly fish. There would be little need for consumers to buy new bags any more regularly than they do now and certainly no need to buy new bags to replace the plastic bags now used.

Published: Tue, 31 Jul Plastic shopping bags are very cheap, useful and convenient: Should they be banned? Introduction. Universally, individuals and groups continue to advocate for the banning of plastic shopping bags, proposing that they be replaced with reusable biodegradable bags.

Plastic bags should be managed, not banned

The negative implications on the use of plastic bags causes conflict where there is a need for the manufacture of plastic bags, especially the usual conventional bags used for shopping, to be reduced or banned.

Surprisingly, plastic bags have been one of the most lethal inventions of mankind. They have a major negative impact on humanity, animals, and our environment. We only have one world to live in, so more precautions should be enforced in taking care of it. Plastic Bags Should Be Banned Today when we go shopping, we will see a lot of people carrying their shopping bags made of plastic.

Why Plastic Bags should be Banned

Plastic bags are really convenient for all of us to carry things we have bought. In contrast, there are many disadvantages of using plastic bags. Plastic Bags Should Not Be Banned. Plastics Bags- A Devil To Be Banned Plastic bags are normally given to customers by vendors when buying.

It is a very convenient method for transporting goods. Moreover, it is highly popular to the customers and retailers because of its light weight. Charging consumers for using plastic bags should not result in profit for the supermarkets.

Instead, any supermarkets who refuse to totally ban plastic bags, and charge their customers for using the bags (eg. 10p for bag), should be made to pay a fine to local governments.

Essay on plastic bags should not be banned
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