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The increase of NOx and RSMP levels from to and the prescribed national air quality standards, indicated by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Boardare depicted in figure 4.

Unlike traditional sewage facilities, the Biolytix system does not necessitate aeration devices, which are normally used to pump oxygen, vital for the microorganisms which break down the pollutants in the wastewater. Mention of sound is scantly present in the droves of UFO documentation, and if anything it is the absence of sound that is remarked upon, often as totally silent.

It is estimated that the efficiency of waste collection in slums is significantly lower Sharholy et al. Defining the scientific field and objectives of biomimicry This chapter aims at defining the scientific field and objectives of biomimicry, including its proposal of viewing nature as a model, measure and mentor.

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One of the first known biomimics was Leonardo da Vinci, whose "flying machine" sketches were based on Essay on biomimicry wings, an idea the Wright brothers later made use of in the first airplane. It took about two decades to figure out how to reverse-engineer the whirlpool and quite a few more years to extract its underlying geometry so it could be applied to inventions.

Here the deterioration has been most severe with a fivefold increase of pollution levels between andposing a serious danger to marine animals and microorgan-isms Gandy Moreover, nature should be taken as a measure by judging the sustainability of man-made innovations by ecological standards.

How have other organisms solved this problem. This accumulation of meaning has come to obscure the simple fact that buildings exist to shelter and nurture human beings and human beings live in physical bodies that arise from the ground of nature.

The immense energy savings that these buildings have, combined with their innovative reputation allows for biomimetic designs to gain a greater foothold. Although many of those live in outlying, rural areas, far from electricity generators, an increasing number is believed to live in slums.

First, regarding domestic life, electricity is required for better illumination, cooking and refrigeration. It is estimated that the efficiency of waste collection in slums is significantly lower Sharholy et al. If we use the wisdom of semi-permeable cellular membranes to construct our houses we might consider the importance of wall systems that interact with the elements by allowing the transfer of water vapor into and out of our buildings.

Moreover, the same technology could potentially be integrated into buildings for more efficient, large-scale application. Therefore, although it is more efficient than anything comparable before, the system will not be economical until it will be operable for at least five years Bullis The reliance on biomass fuel not only causes the environmental problem of air pollution, but also constitutes a considerable safety hazard, as fires in houses built from flammable materials get out of control easily.

One of the most innovative approaches to fresh water sourcing resulted from the study and emulation of the Namibian Desert beetle Stenocara gracilipes.


Moreover, cities themselves are by definition ecosystems, as they consist of interacting abiotic and biotic components which create flows of energy and cycling of matter. While the population in some cities increased exponentially, develop-ment was not integrated leading to insufficient infrastructure to support the inhabit-ants Wackernagel et al.

Ultimately, the collective discoveries are beyond what any single group can do. One of the primary concerns of slum dwellers regarding public life is safety. It does so by utilizing the frequent morning fog, which is the only reliable water source in the desert.

However, we know that this is not true. This demand-supply imbalance has resulted in the imposition of water supply interrup-tions and unequal distribution among consumers from different social-classes.

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Moreover, dwellers living in informal, undeclared slums and squatters is almost completely deprived of this essential service Ruet, Saravaanan and Zerah The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

However, despite strong efforts to recreate this process for human use, no technology has yet accomplished enough efficiency to allow large-scale application Benyus A prime example of energy efficiency in the natural world is passive energy recapture, a mechanism which allows the moon jellyfish Aurelia aurita to recapture some of the energy they spend on motion due to their unique contract-and-relax action Gemmell et al.

The exclusive and severely flawed mindset that humans are separated from nature resulted in the view of environmen-tal destruction as the obliteration of a self-contained object. This adaptation keeps the termites and their food source at a warm and constant temperature.

Biomimicry Proposal Essay Nature as Mentor Biological science writer Janine Benyus defines biomimicry as the "conscious emulation of life's genius." Resourceful and imaginative by necessity, nature is the consummate engineer having already provided elegant, economical solutions to many of the problems we contend with today.

Today, biomimicry is becoming the next area of space exploration. Some of the most advanced work in the field is being done in the United States, on both the corporate and academic level. Students and teachers at local universities are exploring biomimicry research and education.

Today, biomimicry is becoming the next area of space exploration. Some of the most advanced work in the field is being done in the United States, on both the corporate and academic level. Students and teachers at local universities are exploring biomimicry research and education.

Essay: The Future of Building, Biomimicry and Architecture. Posted on March 1, The growing field of Biomimicry is a promising sign for the future of the human race. The basic premise is that we can learn from and “mimic” structures, materials, and systems that we observe in nature to solve design problems.

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Our modern building. The Biomimicry Institute empowers people to create nature-inspired solutions for a healthy planet. Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies.

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Essay: The Future of Building, Biomimicry and Architecture

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